Our new addition

Well, I've been keeping some big new hidden under lock and key for the past few weeks. I didn't want to jinx it, but it now official. I just got another press! I'm super pleased to welcome this Vandercook No. 4 into my family of presses (and the beautiful 22" Paragon guillotine cutter in the back). Now you know why I've been furiously cleaning and re-organizing the studio. On Sunday Jake and I rented an 18-foot truck with a lift gate, drove to Columbus, loaded the press and some other equipment, and drove back to Rochester. Then we unloaded everything on Monday with the help of a few friends. Let me tell you, I never, ever, want to move out of my studio space. I have so much equipment that a move might be the death of me! Also let me tell you that Penske trucks have a "comfort" air-loaded drivers seat that bounces about a foot every single time you go over a bump. Jake's back is killing him today from the bouncy truck. He's a total bad-ass with some serious truck-driving, press-moving, putting-up-with-wife's-panic-attack skills.

I can't wait to get back in the studio and really start arranging everything now that all of the new equipment is here. We got a lot more stuff than is pictured and actaully managed to fill up a large portion of the truck. Many, many thanks to Michael and Debra for contacting me about the press and wanting it to go to a good home (it has!). They are two incredibly sweet and incredibly talaneted artists who have given me a new appreciattion for quilting, pattern-making, and Batik fabric.

necklace giveaway

Well, you already know that I love Sofia Barao's necklaces, so I'm excited to see that she has a May giveaway on her blog. Check it out for a chance to win one of her wallpaper necklaces.


I just found Isabella Abramson's ceramic work today and I was blown away. I love the combination of function and delicacy. How awesome would it be to live with pieces like this? Check out her shop right here.

beautiful times infinity

These are f-ing amazing! My friend Karen posted them and I couldn't resist following her lead. I'm such a sucker for pattern and Yoran Morvant's Pierres Graphiques are so beautiful, intimate and simple (simple in the best possible way). I want a whole pile of these!

while I work

A few months ago Jake helped me rearrange my office. We were able to fit a cushioned chair into a corner by the window, which I thought I might use when I took a break - ha! Turns out that Susie prefers to use it while I work, so that she can keep an eye on me. And it turns out that Cassie couldn't care less about what I do during the day as long as she has a pillow.

This week has been a good one so far. I've managed to make it to the gym twice in the last week, making decent use of my membership fee (so long $90 yoga class). I've eaten lots of salad today and peaches seem particularly sweet and juicy right now. I've printed a few sets of invitations and I started to rearrange my studio. And tonight I even got to go see the weekly schlock-night movie with Jake. It's been nice to hang out with him these past few nights, since we hardly ever seem to find time to just be together.

summer casual

I know it's getting close to summer when I start wanting a new wardrobe. At this point of the year I'm a bit bored with all of my staple clothes. I love this simple yellow dress by Sublet. And this heather gray tank from Lamixx looks soooo comfy, perfect for hot days printing in my studio.

I need leggings and smaller feet

Why aren't my feet a size 5?! If these were even just a 7 I would try to squeeze into them, but I'm sure I would be swearing up a storm if bought these and couldn't wear them. On the other hand, all I need for the dress is a pair of leggings!


Scoutie Girl and Modish have teamed up to create a new bi-weekly series about artist collaborations, which is appropriately titled Collabo. For their first installment they interviewed Shanna and I about our card collaboration. You can read the interviews here and here. Thanks so much to Jan and Jena for inviting us to participate!

{ps - new thank you notes inspired by linen are available}

Getting organized

Yesterday I mentioned that my computer is in need of an overhaul. Now I'll let you in on another secret...my studio is also in need of a deep cleaning! I suppose that's not too hard to believe if you know anything about the hoarding habits of artists. It's even easier to believe if you're my husband, who know firsthand my love for piles. Here's a peek at the re-organization of my wedding book. Jim's amazing drawings are in the background (and above).


My desktop looks like it blew up, so I decided to do some laptop organization this morning. I don't know about you, but I have multiple files on my desktop that say Desktop, filled with documents and images that should have been filed in their proper location months ago. In my cleaning frenzy I found this images of a gorgeous three-fold save-the-date I printed for a client last winter. The bride designed the invitations and I had the pleasure of printing this delicately sophisticated design.

1500 miles

Jake and I drove almost 28 hours in the last few days and just returned home today. We're both still exhausted, but it was important for us to be able to spend time with our families. I thought it would be nice to start the week with this beautiful wallpaper necklace from Sofia Barao. I love the idea of wearing this fluttery necklace on lazy summer days.


I graded a stack of sketchbooks this afternoon and I'm almost done grading final projects. At least I got to look at some beautiful flowering trees while I worked. The pink ones are my favorites, especially the dark pink fuchsia ones. I'm hoping to finish grading before this weekend. We have a wedding (for Jake's cousin) on Saturday and the funeral on Sunday. Such an odd pairing of events. I'm looking forward to sleeping in one of these days (maybe til noon) and not feeling bad about it. I'm getting tired.


My grandfather passed away this morning, the day after his 85th birthday. I called yesterday and the nurse told me he couldn't talk because of the oxygen mask but she held the phone up to his ear. I wished him happy birthday and told him I loved him. And he said thank you.

The leaves were falling

I love the light in the studio. It's on the fourth floor of an old shoe factory and our windows face south. We get the most beautiful light in the evenings. It's perfect light for taking shots of new work, like this print I just finished for the Memorial Art Gallery. The Gallery asked me to create an edition of 100 prints for their Patron Print and I ended up making a four-color letterpress print inspired by a walk with the girls last fall. I'm really happy with how everything turned out and I got some great feedback this past weekend. Thanks to everyone who stopped by the studio!

Spring Fling

I know this is late notice, but I wanted to let you all know that we're having a Spring Fling (open studio and sale) this weekend. There will be many artist's studios that you can tour, plenty of free food, and great mother's day gifts.

I've been cleaning the studio like a mad woman this week, partly in preparation for the event and partly because I feel super antsy while Jake has been working on the press and need to keep my hands busy. The girls have also been helping, mainly by being incredibly cute.

Friday, May 1, 5-9pm
Saturday, May 2, 12-4pm

Anderson Alley, studio #4-7
250 N. Goodman Street
Rochester, NY 14607

Hope to see some of you this weekend.