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call for entries}
featuring the best indie arts and crafts in the north east and beyond. second storie is looking for talented vendors to be a part of this truly unique holiday festival. Application deadline is October 27. This is our third event and I'm sure it's going to be amazing. I can't wait to see who applies!


I attended an amazing event last week with my mom, sister, friends, and 300 fellow community members. We peacefully gathered to take a group picture, sing, and say together, Sarah Palin doesn't speak for me. I truly felt united among so many wonderful women, from such varied backgrounds.


I said weeks ago that I would post some more pictures from Italy. Well, that time has finally come! Here are a few of my favorites, more on my flickr.

A very lonely little canoe in Portofino. I just love that it's pink!

One of the most gorgeous views we saw on our hike through Cinque Terre.

We came across this netting, woven through the trees, on one of the trails between towns. It was such a great reward to find this after a particularly tough part of the hike.

Finally, my dream house. Teal shutters and curved walls make my heart melt! This gem was in the heart of the old city in Trier, Germany. One of my favorite things about my own house is a curved wall in out living room.

September cheer

So many things are weighing on my mind, so in an effort to push them aside I thought I'd post some beautiful things that would be sure to cheer me up (and maybe you as well).

This is one of the most beautiful bracelets I've ever wanted, and I don't even wear bracelets! I'm in love with pearls and the raw nature of this piece. Visit Gretchen Walker's shop to see more great finds.

Rachel Austin's work always cheers me up! The texture and colors just make me happy. I'm hopeful that I'll someday be able to hang one of these in my house.
“No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots."
—Barbara Ehrenreich

They certainly hit the nail on the head with this one. Let's put this sexist thing to rest and start talking about issues and asking real questions. I, for one, am disturbed that we don't even have a dialog anymore about the economy, homelessness, the war, health insurance, etc. I'm tired of hearing about lipstick and I don't care how many kids she has.

I had really debated with myself about posting about politics on my blog, but this is a major part of my life, as it should be. Part of my training as an artist has been to engage others in critical thought and dialog. As a member of the indie-blogging community I haven't seen much of this discussion happening, and I'm tired of side-stepping the elephant in the room (who may or may not be wearing lipstick). Sarah Palin does not speak for me.

taking some time

Lately I've been good at doing things that are unrelated to work (like making carrots at the market, above). I joined a gym this week with my sister. I hate the gym, but as more time passes in my life I have begun to realize that I never make time for my health (you all know about my Mountain Dew obsession). So, I got up today and headed over to take one of the 95 classes they offer each week, only to realize that I was looking at the wrong schedule and was 15 minutes late. This meant that I had to actually "work out" on real equipment with no peppy instructor - but I did it. But next time I will make sure I am on time for the class. Then I spent a few hours with a friend who just had a baby (and Marni took some beautiful pictures of her). We had a bit of girl time and her mom made us the most amazing eggplant paninis. I'm quite grateful to have such a flexible schedule, one where I can visit with friends on a Friday afternoon.

This evening we went to Marni and Nate's opening of their collaboration titled Witness. The piece above is from their series and is one of my favorite groupings. You should check it out if you're in the Rochester area. Then Korean for dinner and dancing at Taylors. I have to say, Taylors exceeded my expectations of both skeeziness and fun. We watched a true dance battle between two mirror-hogging men in their late 50's - it was incredible - and got to dance to some of my favorite songs.

Hoping to post some home improvements in the next few weeks. Jake and I decided to try to spend one weekend each month at home, working on things we never have time for, and enjoying a few lazy days. It's something I think might add some balance to our over-committed lives. I'm also hoping I can spend a few hours alone this weekend, to have some time to think about new projects and maybe make some headway on my website updates or neglected artwork.

Carrot Campaign '08

I'll be spending most of this evening (from 4-8 pm) making carrots at the South Wedge Farmers Market as part of a fund raiser second storie is helping to organize. Carrots will be constructed out of salvaged cloth and yarn and available for sale with the profits going directly to the South Wedge Farmer's Market. We'll be making a ton, so we'll need help! Stop by our tent and we'll get you to work - we'll have a bushel of carrots to be stuffed, yarn to tie and buttons to be attached.


Pistachio Press is featured in this month's issue of Lucky Magazine!!! I've known about this for a little while, but didn't want to chance jinxing it. The I Love You card is listed in the Bonus New York section of the magazine. Apparently the bonus section is regional, so I had to go to several different stores to find the New York issue (Boston and Philly were in the first few stores I tried). I am super excited - thanks Lucky!

I'm overwhelmed by the conventions and all I can think of is this clip from French Kiss. I think it sums up everything pretty well. Also, I love Kevin Kline movies - the distraction would be good :)