A little bit at a time

Well, we're back from the stationery show and it feels great to be home! I thought that this time I'd be able to blog during the show. Yeah right. By the end of the day we'd get dinner and then collapse for the rest of the night. It's completely exhausting talking to people all day, no matter how much fun we're having. And believe me, we had a blast. For now, here are a few shots of the final prep - picking envelope colors, driving to the Javits, and part of the set up. I'll be back soon with a bigger post of the experience.

Best New Product

Hello from NYC! It's been a crazy week and I have barely been able to pick up my computer! I wish I had been able to post more about the stationery show so far, but I'll do a full recap once we get back. For now you can check out my daily coverage of the show on Aesthetic Outburst (Day 1, Day 2). A huge thank you to Grace at Design Sponge for featuring our cross stitch calendar (designed by Abbey). Our other piece of most awesome news is that our Telegram invitation won Best New Product for All Things Wedding! I can't tell you how excited this made us :)

On related note, thank you so much to everyone who stopped by so far - I can't believe that so many of you read this blog. I am totally floored!!

NSS 2011 opens Sunday!

Jake and I have been functioning on very limited sleep these past few weeks as we prep for the stationery show and it opens Sunday! We're in booth no. 1664 and are just about all set up. We have a few more finishing touches to make tomorrow and then it's go time! I'll try to keep you posted. If you're attending the show, we'd love to see you. Stop by and say hi!

Also, we're participating in a recipe card exchange (kind of like a booth scavenger hunt) with 14 other letterpress companies. The exchange was organized by my good friend Amber of Flywheel Press and sponsored by Legion Paper. I LOVE everything about it and I can't wait to pick up the other cards!

ps-I won't be at the show on Sunday, but Jake will be there along with one of my fantastic former interns! I'll be at our University graduation saying goodbye to our senior art majors.

Cross Stitch Notebooks

Thank you all for such an amazing response to our new notebooks!! Today I wanted to share the Cross Stitch Collection of notebooks, designed by my awesomely talented friend Abbey, of Aesthetic Outburst. I am planning to launch these at the National Stationery Show next week, we're in booth number 1664, but I also have them available for pre-order right now.


The Stationery Show is such great incentive to finish projects. I've been wanting to make a small line of notebooks forever and we will finally be debuting some in just a week! We have two different sets and this one is based on our Mid-Century Modern designs. I'm in love with them! I'm going to do my best to post new product shots on the blog. If the sun holds out tomorrow I'll get some shots of the other notebook line!


Once again, these bright colors rule! Up to this point we haven't done many envelope liners for clients, but over the last few weeks we've been inserting plenty. This suite, based on our Wistful collection, includes the most gorgeous envelope liners. I love how the orange really pops.

And...we're so excited that this suite was included in the new invitation lookbook from Invitation Crush!

Bloom invitation

I love that so many of our clients lately are opting for bright cheery colors for their wedding invitations. It's also been fun to print square invitations.