So far I've had a really wonderful weekend.  Friday night one of my good friends organized a ladies meet-and-greet at 2Vine.  The food was incredible (pear martini, beet salad with bleu cheese, ravioli, tartlettes, mushroom risotto, fresh donoughts, homemade ice cream) and it was so nice to finally meet colleagues from the other area universities and put some faces to names.  We talked a bit about work and conferences and more about food and puppies.

And today we took a trip to see the new baby our friends just brought home.  Such a sweetie and although she slept most of the day, we got to hear some angry bath time resistance.  It was a full day and so great to see our friends since we don't often get a chance to just hang out with them.  Hoping to do this more frequently this year!

(beet salad from TheCookingPhotographer and tiny drawing by Amanda Blake)

Harvey Faircloth

So it's been a while since I've posted about something clohing related, but the new Bloganista flickr group has me drooling over how stylish everyone is!  I was really happy to learn about Harvey Faircloth after looking at Ahn-Mihn's latest image (bottom). The pieces in the collection are really great - timeless with pops of color and pattern.

A photo and a link: Jennifer Allen


This weekend I participated in my first ever bridal show.  I was pretty nervous about it and had no idea what to expect, but it turned out to be pretty awesome.  I was really impressed with the quality of the other vendors and the overall presentation and thought of the organizers.  I spoke with a lot of brides and met some incredibly talented vendors, whom I will be posting about this week. And I'm so thankful that my friend Marni sat with me for the whole event, greeting brides and handing out business cards!

I have no idea if this will directly lead to any new clients, but it was really the push I needed to put together my 2010 line of invitation, which have now been designed, printed, photographed, and packaged! I'm hoping this officially ends the last several weeks of 3am bedtimes and Mountain Dew sustained days.

In other happy news, my best friend since 7th grade had her first baby this weekend!!!  They had been keeping the sex a surprise and found out that they had a little girl.  The pictures are adorable and I can't wait to meet Daniela this weekend!  Now I'm kicking myself that I didn't buy one of the beautiful vintage gowns I have seen over the past few weeks while searching for milkglass. Belle Heir might do the trick, though :)

and the voting begins

The Poppies is "a virtual awards ceremony of sorts celebrating the Handmade Community!"  Voting in all categories is now underway, so head on over and vote for your favorite handmade artist!

I would be honored to have your vote for favorite handmade papergoods, if you're so inclined.  Many thanks to those who nominated Pistachio Press! You can vote in this category until midnight on January 30th, one vote per IP address :)

mustaches and milk trucks

An English country girl met a small-town US girl and they decided to collaborate on a fun new set of prints! I am thrilled to introduce this limited edition collaboration between mummysam and Pistachio Press.

These lovely pieces were printed on bright white 100% cotton paper, which creates a beautiful impression. All of the inks were hand mixed and each piece was printed by hand on an antique Vandercook No. 4 letterpress. Each print measures 8"x10", which is perfect for framing. Only 100 limited edition prints were made of each design.

Pricing is $30 each or $50 for the set. Check out our shops for more information:
mummysam & Pistachio Press

New Valentine's

Hot off the press, two very sweet new Valentine's are now available!

coming together

It's been a busy and productive week.  I finished printing the new collaboration, an entire new wedding line, taught week number two of the semester, hung an exhibition of student work, chatted with clients, wrote a ton of email, got a killer haircut, had faculty meetings, had lunch with friends, started planning a summer trip abroad. My to do list has started to get smaller, and I'm hoping to knock down a few more things before the wedding show this weekend.  I'm going to sleep in on Sunday, that's for sure!

A collaborative preview

So...I have been keeping a secret from you for a little while.  A secret that involves an incredibly sweet and super talented artist and a dream come true collaboration.  Hooray!  We're launching next Monday, so stay tuned!

The reason I print.

Letterpress Coasters from Quarter Productions on Vimeo.

Whoa, check out this video.  In it Michael Dacey of Repeat Press proves that letterpress is H-O-T!  I've never seen a video that actually captures what it actually feels like to print.  It's not always like this, especially when things are going wrong, but on the days when everything goes right this is how I feel when I print. And sometimes you do need a drink before the job is done :)

Thanks to Eva at Sycamore Street Press for spotting it!

Giveaway: Finger Lakes Wedding Affair

I am super excited to be preparing for the Finger Lakes Wedding Affair this weekend.  It's my first bridal show where I will be a vendor.  To be honest, I never even went to a bridal show when I was a bride! At the time I was in grad school and Jake and I were in the process of buying our house, so there was never any time for me to head over to a show.  But, if I had been able to go, this is the show I would have wanted to see.  I can assure you that the Wedding Affair is going to be amazing and I hear there will even be ice sculptures pouring peppermint martinis! And a couture fashion show, manicures, hors d'oeuvres, facials, and of course, many awesome vendors for you to meet.

Saturday, January 23, 3-7pm
Memorial Art Gallery, 500 University Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607
Tickets can be purchased here and are not available at the door.  


Ok, so let's get to the good stuff! I have two sets of tickets available for free (normally $40 per set). To enter, just leave a comment telling us about how you met your sweetheart by Thursday, January 21 at 9am. Don't forget to leave your name and email so I can get back to you! And make sure you'll be in the Rochester area on Saturday :) I'll announce the winners on Thursday afternoon! 

Each Ticket Includes:
A Gift Box filled with over $100 worth of goodies (one per couple)
A copy of Martha Stewart Weddings and Vermont Vows / WellWed
Complimentary seminars and Workshops with industry experts
Complimentary Hors d'oeuvres, champagne, cake tastings, wine tasting, cigar rolling, and other fine delectables.
An opportunity to win a Gift Certificate Bouquet with up to $8,000 of Gift Certificates (featuring certificates for: Spa Services, Restaurants, Event Rentals and more…)
The chance to participate in our silent auction featuring up to $10,000 worth of jewelry and gifts (to benefit The Make-A-Wish Foundation).

Haiti Relief Fundraiser

Jen from Indie Fixx has organized a fundraiser to benefit the survivors of the earthquake in Haiti.  Please spread the news!  Also, the American Red Cross is also accepting donations. Every bit counts!

a photo and a link: Satan’s Camaro

Over the last year I've had sporadic success maintaining a photo and a link.  My goal was to post an artist every day, but you can tell the months that I ran out of steam or when other projects took priority :)  Well, I'm going to try it again, with the intention of posting a few times each week.  I've also been toying with the idea of just posting them here that might happen at some point.

And without further ado, I give you Satan’s Camaro, the artist collaborative team of Lenore Thomas and Justin Strom. Smoke + screen prints = freaking awesome.

Milk Glass

I'm working on my diplay for the New York Wedding Affair in a few weeks and have been scouring thrift shops for vintage milk glass pieces.  I thought you might be inspired by these like I have been.

ps, tune in later this week for a chance to win tickets to the event!

Hello Poppies!

Jan from Poppytalk has started a new award called the Poppies, "a virtual awards ceremony of sorts celebrating the Handmade Community!"  Nominations for several categories go until midnight tonight, so head on over and vote for your favorite handmade artist!

And if you're so inclined to express your undying letterpress love for Pistachio Press, here's the handmade paper goods link :)

no more pine needles

We took down our Christmas tree and decorations last night.  I'm always a little sad to pack everything up and put it in the attic until next year.  I love the cozy glow of the tree.

This year on Chirstmas Eve my grandmother (Oma) had all of the grandkids and aunts draw numbers out of a little bowl. Only after we drew our numbers did she tell us we could pick out any ornament from her tree to take home (in numerical order, to be fair).  I picked out this little Hummel figurine boy and my sister picked out the matching girl Hummel.  Oma actually has a pretty large collection of Hummels and I'm so happy that I got to add this to my Christmas tree.  Even better, my mom has the same set and she said one day my sister and I will each get one from her, so that we will each have a complete set. Seems so perfect to me!

Animal Sleep Stories

I had the pleasure of meeting Daria Tessler of Animal Sleep Stories when I was in NYC last month.  She makes some super cute and incredibly well printed screen prints and drawings.  These were two that we bought (the top one went to a very sweet curyly-haired boy for Christmas).

Moving in the snow

This week has been a whirlwind of trying to catch up on printing, orders and shipping from the holidays and helping my sister pack for her first big out-of-state move.  For my entire life my sister has lived no more than two hours away, and although sometimes that was still too close for us, we've grown a lot closer in the past few years.  I don't know why, but it surprised me that I was so emotional about this move.  I guess it didn't really hit me until now.  The truck is packed, the car trailer loaded, and her husband is finally here (after a cancelled flight, a broken bus, a rental car and 25 hours of travel). It's 6am and it's time to say goodbye.  I'm excited, nervous, sad and happy for her.  And I can't wait to visit her in North Carolina!

Clint Shuttlesworth

Have you seen the gorgeous work by photographer Clint Shuttlesworth?  I first saw his super fun engagement shots here and then went through his website like a mad woman.  He really knows his stuff!  Check out his blog for more incredible (and hilarious) work!  Why don't I live closer to Houston?

Calendar Sale

All calendars are now 20% off.  There are only a few left, so get them while you can!

Starting the new year with a bang!

I'm super excited to let you know about some new Pistachio Press press.  No, it's not an actual press :)  Pistachio Press was featured in Brides Magazine this month!  I actually saw it for the first time in the airport right before we flew to NYC for the Bust Craftacular. Hooray :) 

I also got a really wonderful write up in the Insider. Thanks Emily for thinking of me and asking such perfect questions and thanks to Kat for taking such a great shot of me in the studio (I was afraid I was going to look angry since it was a little early).  This was such an amazing way to start the new year!

Looking back...looking forward

Looking back...goodbye and hugs 2009.
This year was so different from last year.  I made resolutions and stuck to most of them!  At the end of 2008 I realized that I had been spending so much time on Pistachio Press that I hadn't made room in my life for my family, friends, or myself.  2009 was all about changing that, well, not all about it, but very much about it :)  I took more trips home, I went to the movies, I baked cookies (for dogs and humans), I took pictures, I blogged a little more, I read a few books, I made new friends.  And I still taught a full load of courses, still took on new jobs (including a HUGE book project) and continued to buy new presses and print a lot.  Reflecting on this year I feel like I've almost figured out a balance...almost.

Looking forward...daydreaming about 2010.
I'm actually really excited to be starting this new year.  It feels so full of potential, which is cheesy, but true.  One of the goals I didn't actually complete from last year was keeping on top of filing and organizing.  What can I say, four out of five goals isn't too shabby.  I have already started a new stystem to get organized and I hope I can be disciplined enough to keep with it this year.  I think it will make me feel more at ease and less likely to forget things or feel overwhelmed.  I'm also realizing that I need to have different goals for my personal life and for my business, and they they need to be separate to some extent.

I know I said I was going to be posting my goals here, but this year I don't feel like I need to make them so publicly.  It's kind of fun to just write my list down on paper and tape it up in my office (once the office is pile-free) and wait to be able to cross things off.  I will let you know that some of my goals will be super fun, like mastering the art of the macaron or taking a vacation with my husband.  Other goals will be more serious, like reworking my website or not answering emails at 2am.  And some will toe the line (like twitter or checking other blogs).  I'll keep you posted as best as I can, especially for some awesome new projects and monthly giveaways.  I hope you have a peaceful new year, full of potential, productivity, and fun!

Hello 2010!

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year's celebrations.  Ours was great.  Multi-course dinner at the Old Toad with a close group of friends, then back to our house for Pictionary and a doubled batch of delicious caramel corn (my second double batch in one week).  And today we had a late brunch  intermitently speckled with Guitar Hero.  Such a fun way to start the new year.  I'm taking the rest of the night to put my thoughts in order before posting my 2010 goals.  Have a great weekend!