New decor

A few weeks ago I brought a car full of stuff home from my mom's basement, which included these Norman Rockwell collector's plates from my grandmother. Jake and I hung them tonight over the kitchen table and they look great!

And here are some of the prints I've been receiving from the print exchange. They're piled in my dining room and waiting to be collated. I'm almost done with mine (very bad procrastination) and I'm working on the cases. Hopefully the house will be back to normal shortly.

More from KC...

Here's a gigantic woodcut from Cannonball Press. It's printed on canvas and collaged together.
And a bad detail shot, but you get the idea.
We stopped here for "beers" and munchies. It was a little scarry, but we made it out unscathed.
Easter is on the way. Andrew and I are very excited!

More books

Speaking of books, check out this one by Andrew Hershey. I just got to see the finished piece in person and it's amazing.

I heart books

Especially beautifully intricate artists books. Check out these books by Willow Hagge. She made this piece by sewing together her etchings and collages.

For this one, the text is physically cut out of the pages using a laser engraver, which gives the book an unbelievable texture and delicacy.

Good news...

Two good things today. The first, my flowers are starting to bloom. All of the bulbs are popping up and the weather is beautiful. Even Rochester is getting sun!

The second, I just found out I'm one of the recipients of this year's Constance Saltonstall Grant. This means that I can now afford to fix my letterpress and get my butt moving on opening the printshop! This is amazing news and couldn't have come at a better time since I'm still super motivated from the conference.

To celebrate, Jake and I are going to head off to our favorite Mexican restaurant for cheese-dip and burritos.

What a week

Well, I'm officially back from the conference. I had a great time, especially at the open portfolio (my favorite event). For six hours on Saturday I got to walk around and see work from hundreds of printmakers and display my own prints. This is the part of the conference that rejuvenates and exhausts me.

Here is one of my favorite artists from the open portfolio, Jennifer Jenkins. She has a degree in Fibers and incorporates embroidery, India ink, screen-printing, and fabric dye to make these incredible pieces.

Prints galore!

I'm in Kansas City for the annual Southern Graphics Council printmaking conference! The conference this year seems super organized and the graphic identity is awesome. Our name tags actually have a little pocket for a small perfect-bound schedule of events. Right now I'm sitting in the lobby of the hotel (no wireless in my room) and watching swarms of printmakers walking by. Lots of familiar faces. Most people are either headed out to a few openings in town or to the bar. I wish I had the energy to make it to the openings, but my flight left at 7:00 this morning and I already walked a few miles around town. I'm also playing internet-liaison for a few friends who are stuck in Chicago and can't get a flight down here until next week (what!?!). I'm hoping they can get on the Greyhound and make it down by tomorrow afternoon. I get back Sunday night, so hopefully I'll have tons of news and great artists to post.

The Daily Puppy

Now I can have my puppy fix with this site. Thanks for the link, Marni!

Way cool

Check out this necklace by Erica Weiner!

This one is made using old type. Many wonderful things can be made with discarded materials.


I'm in love with these earrings and ring from Elizabeth Scott. I don't even wear earrings, but these might just be the ones to make me poke through my old holes!

To Conquer!

Spring break is almost over for me, but I have a few goals. I figure if I post them here it might inspire me to actually cross them off my list!

Things I did today (yay motivation!):
*finally purchased a real web domain and uploaded my site (thanks, Luke!)
*went through the unopened mail that had been sitting near my front door for weeks
*sorted through all my email since can it be this hard to keep up?
*brushed both dogs...not an easy task at this time of the year
*stopped by the insurance company to fork over money for studio insurance
*developed two of my three screens for a print I'm working on

On my hit list:
*reply to the email in my newly sorted inbox
*sort the hidden email from the last year (!) and send most of it to the trash (I have the hardest time deleting messages. I always think I'm going to need them.)
*finish filing my GIANT pile of papers so that we can file our taxes
*finish my print for the exchange Abbey and I are organizing (I'm late, but I'm one of the organizers and half of the participants are late, too!)
*hand-stitch the opening of the flocked throw pillows I started weeks ago
*clean out the refrigerator for garbage night
*clean up all of the files on my desktop, even the ones I've hidden in the pseudo-folders (like my "Arrg!" folder)
*catch up on Lost and my knitting

Welcome spring, almost!

We have decided to keep Cassie. She's grown on us over the last two weeks and has already learned to sit. She also walks pretty well on a leash. This is her first cemetery walk with Barkley, the miniature terror. I have to say that it's starting to feel like spring and I'm loving it!

We're dog-sitting Kirby's dog Molly and she and Cassie have been playing almost non-stop since last night. It's been a lot of fun for both of them!

After looking over my last few posts I realize that I might as well have made this blog all about dogs. After this post I'm going to try to get back on track...more art!

A new pup?

Well, we just got a new dog, kind of. We actually fostering her for two weeks before me make a decision. Cassie is a yellow lab and we think she's about nine months old. She is incredibly sweet, but she's the complete opposite of Tipper. She's pretty lazy most of the time, especially for a puppy. We're trying to teach her what her name is, but sometimes we think she's deaf, or just stubborn. She does LOVE other dogs and wants to play with them constantly, but her interest in people is fairly I just being needy? She is an amazing cuddler and lays her head on our shoulders when sleeping. We thought it might be a good idea to get a very different dog from Tipper, but she might not be the one. I'll keep you updated on her progress and if we decide to keep her.

She was in rare form this morning and was being quite frisky after her walk. We're thinking her nickname should be Clunky since she still seems to be growing into her body.

She chewed through her leash the first day we got her when Jake was in the shower. Luckily we have a spare!

We found her through Rudy's Rescue. This is her Petfinder page.

New curtains

I'm finally working on curtains for the living room. I've had the fabric for almost two years but keep putting it off. I'm pretty excited about these and I even sewed in a lining.

So far I have three valances finished (here's two). I'm still working on the large front window valance and curtains. More pictures to follow when these are finished.