Maybe a leotard would help

Ok. Those of you who know me (and some of you who read this regularly) know that I generally don't like going to the gym. I would much rather spend time cooking, which is why I started going in the first place. But now I really love going to Zumba. I talk about it to my friends. I take my intern to Zumba. I sometimes want to go to two classes in a day. So the last week or so has been kind of right knee has been hurting. A Zumba injury?!! So I took the last few days off and today I was completely lethargic, had a headache and just wanted to take a nap. And then Jake told me that I was likely addicted to working out. Yes, I had heard of this freakish phenomenon, but I never thought it could happen to me. So I did a Pilates workout at home and what do you know, I feel much better. Damn! He was right! Damn! Now I'm one of those freaks!

{Super awesome leotard from Fancy Cat Vintage.}

Mona & Holly

I would wear every single piece in this collection by Mona & Holly. They're just amazing. I especially love that the line is inspired by uniforms. Maybe these could be my uniform for the semester?!

you can do it!

To follow up my post yesterday on procrastination, I thought today should be about motivation. As some of you know, I have been sporadically updating a photo and a link over the past few months. I've decided to finally start updating daily, or at least trying very hard to! I guess this must have come from the fact that school starts next week, and it feels like I've been working on syllabi and assignments non-stop. I think it's going to be a great semester.

{this amazing piece is from S├ębastien Preschoux, which reminds me of the photo I took last summer in Italy}

Time sink

Working for yourself means that you are often the only person around. There aren't any co-workers to chat with in the break room and no one is there to celebrate exciting news unless you call them. So, I take a few breaks every day to visit the land of the living (or at least the land that other living people visit while they work...the time sink known as the internet). A few of my favorite sites are below, and these are mostly fast reads so that I can keep moving and not get sucked in! Although now that I have the pictures linked with them I see a cuteness trend.


I just saw this video by Chloe Elise posted on our Second Storie blog and was blown away. It's completely and utterly lovely, and that's a term I don't throw around lightly. Can you believe she's only 19?

Congratulations Sara and Ben!!

This weekend was awesome. Sara and Ben's wedding was just gorgeous, totally them in every way. It was my first time being a photographer at a wedding (along with Marni and Matt). More pictures to follow later this week. Right now I have to work on Monday stuff!

Although the deadline to apply to Second Storie Indie Market is quickly approaching (August 17th), there is still time if you’re interested! Don't forget that there will be a screening of Handmade Nation with a panel discussion the Friday before the event!!

Second Storie Links:
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It's not all fun and games

Sometimes there are weeks on end of cleaning. The seedy underbelly of printing...50+ years of grease and paper lint, Simple Green, q-tips, rags, gloves, WD-40.

The skies and yellow flags. I'm glad the next building over is still being renovated. The flags totally cheer me up :)

Trying hard for five days of Zumba this week. There's something about shaking it in the morning to get you pumped for the rest of the day.

Hey, Cameron. You realize if we played by the rules right now we'd be in gym?

Goodbye John Hughes. You will be greatly missed. I will forever think of you every time I watch one of your movies - which will be frequently.


I have a fairly severe chair addiction. Yes, chairs (and dressers, too). I have no less than eight sets of chairs in my house, plus several strays. I know, it's crazy. I've decided that our newest kitchen chairs need to be recovered. I'm in love with Daisy Janie's boxwood cotton fabric. The pattern is fantastic and I think the color would wear well for chairs.

And I can't get enough of Lara Cameron's Ginko design. I have this design in white/teal on a chair in our bedroom and it's just perfect. Can you believe that Lara and her partners at Ink & Spindle print their fabrics by hand?! Once I make a decision, I'll have to find the time to recover them!