This has been a long week - full of printing, burning screens, and cherry coke. The first snow flurries of the season arrived while I was teaching on Wednesday. I really do love this time of the year and it's been much cozier since I started wearing all of my favorite turtlenecks and fleeces.

I'm learning how to use a Heidelberg Windmill, and yesterday I loaded paper and printed some proofs. It was very exciting! There's a lot more to understand about the way the press works than with the Vandercook, especially how to load paper correctly. I'm feeling a lot more confident and hope to run an actual job on it soon.

Have a great Halloween! I have some news in the works for Monday.
Has it really been a week since I last posted?! I can't imaging the days passing any faster this time of the year. Last weekend was our "weekend at home" where Jake and I try to do fun things together or around the house for one weekend a month. We took a long walk with the girls through Letchworth Park. It was beautiful - the leaves were changing color and the air was crisp. We also indulged in three very different movies - a huge luxury of time! We saw Burn After Reading, American Teen, and Pineapple Express. I've never seen three movies in one weekend, but this was a much-needed break.

In September our weekend at home was actually spent in Buffalo. We saw the B-52's at the Albright Knox, went to dinner at one of our old favorites places, and went shopping at Ikea for new office furniture. I'm looking forward to our next weekend at home actually being at home!

one of those days

Calendar printing has been going quite well, until today! And today wasn't actually that bad, just a few snags. The first major snag was that one of the plates was wrong. I thought I would have to re-order it, but I was able to cut it apart and piece it into the correct position. It took a while, but not as long as it would have taken to reorder. The second snag was actually a terrified panic that I didn't have enough paper to finish the last page of the calendar. I finally found half a ream of paper hidden in my studio, just enough - hooray!

The rest of my day...a veggie coyote at Dog Town with Shanna, Parliment, sore right shoulder, new paper order, hot shower, print club board meeting, email, send proofs to client, amazing Obama pictures.

Calendar pre-order ends next week. Pre-orders received a complimentary note card and free shipping.

the leaves are changing

This weekend was filled with adventure. Jake and I drove to Syracuse on Saturday to stay with friends and visit an apple festival in the hills of central New York. The leaves are changing colors on all of the trees in the state and it was a beautiful setting to drink hot cider. On Sunday we all drove together to Rhode Island for another friend's wedding. Again, we were lucky enough to drive through the beautiful Berkshires and end up at a gorgeous wedding, which was impeccably planned and included a troupe of waiters who danced in formation holding trays of flambe!

Unfortunately, the past few weeks of non-stop work have caught up to me and I've developed the cold that all of my students have had during the past month! My fingers are crossed that it won't impede my printing ability this week, as our deadline for the calendar launch is coming up quickly! I actually have to head to the studio to print shortly and will try to post a few sneak peeks later today.

Thanks Indie Fixx!

A big thank you to Jen at Indie Fixx for inviting me to participate in her Indie Artist Fixx interview series! I was truly honored to be asked. You can read the interview here.

Celebrity Death Match

Boy, things have gotten pretty heated politically in the last few days! I was thinking about MTV's Celebrity Death Match...what would happen if they paird up Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Keith Olbermann. Might not be a completely fair fight, but it would probably be fun to watch.

Thinking about 2009

It's that time of the year again...calendar printing time! Tara and I are working on our second calendar. She sent me the designs a little while ago and the plates and paper have arrived. This means I'll be a printing fool for the next few weeks since we're trying to launch these by the week of October 20th {remember last year?} We're currently taking pre-orders, which will include free shipping and a complimentary note card.

Happy Birthday

My very sweet Cassie turned three today (at least this is the day we picked to celebrate as her birthday since she was a rescue). In honor of this we cuddled for quite some time this morning before I had to leave for school. I should have brought her with me, my students would have been in love!