{Origamic architecture structure by Ingrid Siliakus}

The first day of the Pop-up Book class went really well. We went over three structures and my class jumped into making their books with both feet. I'm looking forward to tomorrow, when we get to talk about their concepts for the full-length book, not just the mock-ups.

There are ups and downs to owning your own business. My major bright spot this week is that I'm working on a few new custom invite designs. This is a sneak peek of one of them, based on the lace from the bride's veil. I'm super excited with how it's turning out. The downer is that I have to raise my prices a bit to keep up with rising prices elsewhere. I knew this was coming, but I hate having to actually implement the change. But, it's officially a reality...I signed in to order more paper tonight and the prices has increased a full 25% in the last week! This seems crazy to me, especially since there was already an increase within the last year and there was no warning. Very sad, indeed.

In one week...

{I love Robert Sabuda's pop-ups!}

I'll be teaching Intro to Pop-up Books at VSW from June 30-July 4. I'm putting together my lesson plans and I'm getting really excited about the class. I've had students make some incredible pop-up books, so I can't wait to see what this class makes. If pop-ups aren't your thing, check out some of the other amazing classes being offered. I would love to take Glass Photographs: The Art of Wet-Plate Collodion by Jenn Libby. Get Out There: Post-MFA Survival Training by Myra Greene looks like it will be a great class for those wishing to hone their professional development skills.

So far, so good

I've been doing good on the life front this past week. Friday night we went to the drive in for a double feature in honor of Kris's birthday. I hadn't been to a drive in is many years, and this was a lot of fun. We saw the Incredible Hulk (Edward Norton is my pretend-boyfriend) and Baby Mama (love Amy Poehler). Saturday we went to the public market and then I took a very nice two-hour nap. Then on Sunday we went to Keuka Lake to visit Jake's family. Last year the dogs were afraid of the water, but this year they just jumped right in. It was awesome. I'm looking forward to going back tomorrow, although this time I might have to bring my computer :)

Another year down!

Yesterday was our three-year anniversary, but it feels like so much longer. I guess it really has been longer, eleven years! I spent part of the day printing and the the rest of the night half-asleep on the couch watching For Keeps while waiting for Jake's flight to get in. His first flight from Long Island was canceled and the second was delayed. He didn't get home until 1:30 this morning. But, I did surprise him with a Play Station 3, which he has been wanting for quite some time. It wasn't really even for our anniversary, since we always take a trip instead of presents. It was for all of his help the past few weeks. Nothing says "I love you! Thanks for putting up with my shit" like a PS3.

He was speechless at first...but now I feel like I might have created a monster. He's obsessed with linking it to the internet. Who knew it would be this complicated?!

And just for kicks, here's a recent picture of us at a Clue-themed housewarming party. I was Mrs. Peacock and Jake was Prof. Plum. We were some of the only people who actually dressed up, but it was fun to wear one of my vintage hats from Susan's old collection and Jake found that amazing jacket at the first thrift store he went to!

I'm feeling much better today about life in general. I've finally realized that I can't print every day of the week. The day after a big printing day I tend to make excuses to stay home and work on new designs or catch up on email. I'm going to work this into my schedule now...only two or three non-consecutive days of printing each week. I think I'll actually be more productive this way. I'm actually glad that all of the events in the past few weeks took place. I have always felt that things happen for a reason and I try to find the lessons in difficult situations. I have learned so much and I'm actually feeling a bit rejuvenated. I'm looking forward to new adventures.

I used to have a life

On the return trip from Renegade Brooklyn I realized that I used to have a life outside of work. When I started Pistachio Press my main goal was to have a self-sustaining career that I loved with more flexibility than other jobs...this is the reason most small businesses begin, right? Well, in the last few months I've worked 60-80 hours/week, said no when friends ask me to hang out, stopped going for walks with my dogs, started living on Mountain Dew, answer work email at midnight, ignore my husband, and let my house get to an almost irreparable state of disorganization. This was never my ultimate goal.

My very high expectations led me to work my butt off preparing for Renegade {as did my sister and husband}, only to have a severe thunderstorm overhead for much of the first day followed by a three-hour traffic jam during which I was sitting in my underwear, wrapped in a sheet because I could no longer wear my dripping jeans. To say I was disheartened would be an understatement. But, the next day turned out to be nice and I met with some of my favorite vendors {more to follow on this subject}. My spirits were especially lifted when Julie from Etui came back smiling even though her tent blew away during the storm {see missing tent in first photo}. And it was awesome sharing a beautiful tent with Shanna and working on our card collaboration during the last few weeks.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that although it was a bit rough, I learned a few valuable lessons. I now know where my priorities are and I'm going to try very very hard to work a 40-hour week. Organization will be the key. I'm also going to try to build in some time for myself. My masseuse gave me the suggestion to take a 15 minute break to stretch or sit quietly a few times each day {after I stopped crying during the intake before I even got the massage}. I also know why second storie is so awesome...we always hold our events inside, we try to greet each vendor to make everyone feel welcome, and we would definitely warn our vendors if a giant thunderstorm was going to sit on top of the event. I'm also going to try to start writing my blog again...but this time it's for me. I like reading what I've done in the past year {like my very first listing on Etsy} and I really hope that weekly writing on the blog will help give me a bit of focus and time for reflection. And maybe the next time someone asks how I'm doing I can honestly answer "Great! I just got back from the park and now I'm going to make dinner with my amazing husband."


I'm still here, but I think I might explode! Shanna and I just designed five collaborative cards. We spent many hours yesterday on the letterpress and I spent a fair percentage of that time swearing at the plates as I was trying to register one specifically stubborn design. But...they're looking amazing! Will try to post pictures when they're finished.

{recent invite printed by me and designed by Tara}

We officially have a week before we leave for Renegade. I'm super stoked, but I'm totally clueless about quantities. I obviously can't bring everything, but I want to make sure I have enough of each design. I also have to print three weddings before I leave and just got three new wedding orders today! Is your head exploding yet?

During an organizing frenzy this afternoon, Lindsay and I heard a big clunk in the living room. We came out and found that Cassie had decided to start lifting weights. This totally made my day.