More yoga

Starting this week Jake and I will begin a 40-day yoga challenge. Basically, this means we'll take five yoga classes and a workshop each week. I've been practicing yoga since April (Jake joined me this summer) and although we usually hit 3-5 classes each week, this challenge seems a bit more intense. Aside from making it through the next few weeks, my main goal is to just be healthier. I feel like I've slowly neglected let my eating and exercise habits over the past few years, especially since starting Pistachio Press. I made excuses about not having time but I've come to realized it will always be like this and if I want to make health a priority then I just have to do it. So I am. Wish me luck :)

ps- the main studio we visit is in a beautiful mansion near the studio. Look at those floors!

A new print

It's election season and we're excited about this new print, which was was a collaboration with JoAnn at Vintage Refashioned. 25% of all sales from this print will be donated to the Obama campaign fund.

Lettering and Embroidery ::: Vintage Refashioned
Letterpress Printing ::: Pistachio Press

No matter who your candidate is, make sure you're registered to vote!