Check it out

Etsy asked me to write an article for their Handmade Wedding Series on custom letterpress invitations and it was published today! Click here if you'd like to read it. This was a lot of fun to write and it really gave me a chance to reflect on the process of working with clients. It was also a good change of pace for me, since this past week was pretty busy, complete with a broken press, some tears, an awesome Book Fair, and laughs with friends I haven't seen in a while.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Small Press Book Fair. It was so much fun...I bought way too many books and zines and was able to catch up with Nicole, Shelly, and Tara.

Buffalo Small Press Book Fair

If you're in Western NY this Saturday, stop by the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair and say hello! Pistachio Press will be there, along with many other talented vendors. I'm really excited to buy some new books to add to my growing collection!

When: Saturday, March 22, 2008 noon to 6pm
Where: Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum, Buffalo NY

Gesine Hackenbeg

I was going through my recent bookmarks when I came across the beautiful work of Gesine Hackenbeg. I originally saw her work posted on Bloesem {a wonderful blog by Irene Hoofs} and immediately fell in love. I particularly enjoy that she uses old plates to create new pieces of jewelry.

In her own words, Gesine says: "I’m fascinated with this aspect of personal preciousness that I observe in relation to all kinds of belongings. Especially such objects that usually seem to find a place quite close and near to the body. I like exploring the ways in which such a connection to us and our body manifest themselves."

Personal preciousness...what a wonderful way to describe this idea. I have been interested in preciousness in art making for a while now, and it's something I discuss with my students when they start making work.

thank you

I just wanted to say a big thanks to everyone who braved the weather to come to the opening of The Raven and the Writing Desk!

I was completely amazed at the turnout we had, especially considering the weather and all of the other openings that night. I'm so happy that my work and Nancy's work fits so perfectly in the space. And the pieces really play off of each other well!

This is a detail from one of the books in my show. The title is Will they find me in time? It's made from screen print, inkjet print, acrylic, hand stitching, cloth, and ribbon. Will post more show images on my Flickr site shortly.

Rachael Loves Dogs

So, I am posting about the best dog in the universe, Sammy the three- legged lab (Rachael has yet to take my access off of her blog, so I am populating it with puppies).  Sammy is currently being housed at Animal Services League and I have been in charge of his therapy since the beginning of the year.  Sammy needs a home.  He is fairly agile on his three legs now, but needs his customized cart for long walks in the park (he loves the dog park).  Please pass his information along, and read and fall in love with him here at his very own blog. 

Eliza and Eninaj

Check out this beautiful pebble ring by Eliza Mundy of 12linden. All of her pieces are so sweet, but I just love the contrast of the silver on the dark metal. While I was looking at her shop I found her great blog, which featured this incredible scarf by Eninaj. Eliza certainly has good taste!

When I first saw this I thought it was a necklace...and I would like to keep thinking it is!

Auction frenzy

Abbey introduced me to a very evil auction site and I spent the better part of evening trying to out-bid other buyers for these gorgeous chairs {after I finished hanging my show, of course}. I stopped at $170! When I told Jake my final bid he was very obviously relieved that I didn't win them, but my dining room continues to be very sad. In some happy news, Marni and I did win some beautiful card catalogs! I'm trying to decide where to put them and will post photos when I find the perfect spot.

for the market

Ok, so now I have a bag fetish, not like I didn't before. These market bags are super cute, and would actually make great totes for school books.

Yellow messenger bag by ZiaZia.

Beautiful twill bag with blue accents, also from ZiaZia.

And finally, a great moleskin-colored bag from Bespoke Boutique.

A whole year!

One year ago today we adopted Cassie! And we're very happy that we did (although I wanted to send her back at the time). Our girl turned out to be super sweet and cuddly, just the kind of dog for us!