Oh, Peter!

New favorites from Peter Som.

super what?

This week I had jury selection, which was quite a bit of sitting in a large holding room with intermittent wi-fi and feeling frustrated that I wasn’t getting any work done. But, I did have time to reflect on a question Jake asked me over the weekend. What super power would I most like to have? We both scoffed at flying - that wouldn’t really help anyone much, would it? My final response was super-speed, which I reasoned would help me multi-task even more than I already do. Maybe then I could make it to the gym and still have time to cook dinner. But now I’m re-thinking my choice. Jake most wanted to be invisible, which might be fun. Maybe the ability to teleport? Then I could go to the beach anytime I wanted. What’s at the top of your super power wish list?

{one of my students showed me the amazing piece above by Blu}

Happy 80th, Oma!

This past weekend we threw my grandmother (Oma) a surprise 80th birthday party. All of my family flew back to my hometown for the big day and boy was she surprised. One of the most touching parts was the slide show my uncle put together - photos of my grandmother and other family members set to music. I cried the whole way through - missing my grandfather and wishing I knew him more and thankful that I had the opportunity to really get to know my amazing grandmother. And the rest of the weekend was spent catching up with loved ones and making plans to see each other more.

Lela Rose

I always love Lela Rose's gorgeous pieces and her spring collection is no exception.

And this is, perhaps, the most perfect wedding gown! I love the simplicity of the cut, the scooped back, and the delicacy of the lace. I had wanted to wear a lace gown to my wedding, but it seemed a bit extravagant for such an outdoor location. But not this dress, it would have been perfect...let me say it again, perfect!

February is looking good

This weekend I was finally able to update my website - hooray! I'm especially glad to have posted several new wedding invitation designs and a special sale - 15% off all wedding orders placed during the month of February!

In other exciting news, Pistachio Press is featured on the Daily Candy today! What an extra special pick-me-up for the start of the month.

more sun!

It's no secret that Rochester has very few sunny days, especially in the winter. Needless to say, I was shocked that we had such a beautiful bright afternoon today. I spent some quality time in the studio {in Jim's space near our giant windows} taking shots of new invitations for the website, which should be updated by tomorrow morning!