We Love Liam:::Giveaway

Liam is an active six year old who happens to have a neuromuscular disorder called Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 2. His mom Lynn, from the lovely Satsuma Press, has organized a giveaway to raise funds for a bathroom remodel so that Liam can have a fully functional bathroom in his house (complete with roll-in shower). 

Fifty-one artists have donated work for the giveaway, including Pistachio Press. I urge you to head over and check out the details of the giveaway here and then check out the list of participants, they're all great!

Daylight Dreamers

I am so excited to share with you the collaboration I just finished with the talented Jackie Bos.  After meeting Jackie last year at the Bust Craftacular we started emailing and plotting a collaboration of some sort. Well, this is the wonderful print that Jackie designed and I had the pleasure of printing! The piece is 8"x10" and is titled Daylight Dreamers. It was printed on my Vandercook No. 4 with hand-mixed inks and includes a teeny bonus print.

The prints are available in both the Pistachio Press Etsy Shop
and Jackie's Etsy Shop

I hope you love it as much as we do!

violet for earth day

Happy Earth Day! It turned out to be a sunny afternoon here in Rochester. I'm feeling mostly caught up on proofs and email, although it always seems like there's so much more to do. Luckily, I've also had the opportunity to get some printing done this week. I wish there were a few more of me, though, because there is so much more work I have to do to get ready for the stationery show. I guess I really have to buckle down and prioritize and realize it might not all get done in time!

The images above are from a wedding I just finished printing. The main ink was actually a deep violet color, not as blue as it looks on the screen. I don't normally print such deep colors, but i have to say I really love the richness of this invitation!

good updates

I don't know if I mentioned this here, but I've been having some pain in my left hand for a few months. I finally got to see an orthopedic specialist today and the news is good. I only have tendonitis, not arthritis like I had been delusionally envisioning. As treatment I got a shot to lubricate the joint, which felt like fire running up my finger. I should be on the mend soon!

And...I finally have a real mailing list set up. I'll be sending periodic updates for new products and special promotions, but I promise, not too many! I'd love it if you'd sign up.

On Monday I have a very special new launch that involves the talented Jacqueline Bos. You may remember when I previously gushed about her work last year. Well, we finally met in real life and have developed a really wonderful collaboration. Check back on Monday and join the mailing list :)

(image from Jackie's I Heart the Arctic book)

A photo and a link: I Lego NY

Have you seen these yet? Christoph Niemann made a tribute to NYC with legos after moving to Berlin.

Emily Ryan

I just stumbled upon the work of Emily Ryan. Her pieces are gorgeous, especially that top cris cross dress. And the background and photograpy are such perfect matches to the clothing. Sigh...

Music Monday

Last night I watched An Education and was quickly taken by one of the songs in it, by French singer Juliette Greco. I had forgotten how much I love this evocative music, especially when there is accordion accompaniment, which happens to be my favorite instrument. And how could I have these links today without mentioning Yann Tiersen, who composed the score for Amelie and introcuded me to French music.

I think it's spring!

April has been unseasonably warm, at least from what I remember. We've had decently warm days and all of the plants in my garden are starting to pop up. The tulips are running full speed ahead and the peonies are growing inches each day. I can't wait until the blossoms start to open on the tree in our front yard, which happens after most other trees have blossomed.

yellow, navy and lunch

Working lunch at the studio earlier this week, well actually, most days this week :) Lots of weddings shipping out and new orders coming in. It's great to feel so productive! I also just loaded a few new cards into the shop and I'm getting ready to head over to the studio to work on an amazing new project that will debut at the National Stationery Show. No matter what the outcome of the show is, at least it's helping me to become super organized and finish some projects that I've been wanting to work on for some time!

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you... Pistachio Press is now on Facebook!

A mural (or two) for you

You may have already seen these, but I'm just completely taken by Love Letter.  This project is a major undertaking of 50 murals, organized by Steve Powers and The Philadelphia Mural Arts Program. I'm especially in awe of the scope of this project and how inspiring the murals are. Also, make sure you check out A Love Letter for You, the accompanying blog for the project.

Music for your Monday

I spent the weekend printing invitations for some very sweet clients. I've been on a Bill Withers kick, so naturally he played in the studio quite loudly and hopefully drowned out my singing. And I've started listedning to Cat Power a lot more, too.  You Are Free was the first album I ever purchased right on the spot after hearing it in Record Theatre during grad school. 

the dark side

This is a pretty awesome represntation of the "Painter of Light".  It's possibly the only Kinkade-related product I might ever think about buying :)

A photo and a link: Motoi Yamamoto

I was blown away when I saw Motoi Yamamoto's salt installations.  They seem so quiet and intimate. His work is especially poignant because his use of salt came about after the death of his sister for its use in Japanses funerals and it's fleeting nature.
Last week I got to the studio and my studio-mate Jim had hung a new painting near my cutters. How exciting!

more printing

Spent the day pulling together receipts for my accountant and printing in the studio.  My taxes are officially filed and a great new project is finished. I've been bringing the dogs to the studio and they love sleeping in the sun or on the couch.

Casserole Easter

It turned out to be a great weekend.  Most of our bad news from last week turned out ok in the end.  Almost all of our family members who were in the hospital have been released and my uncle was taken off the ventilator and able to eat real food on Saturday.  And our yearly casserole Easter was delicious. It was sad to not have my sister around, but we both made Savoy Cabbage Gratin to take to our respective dinners. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Happy Easter, goodbye awful week

The good: Today was 87-degrees with sunny blue skies.  I spent the day printing in the studio and Jake got to play disc-golf :) But as nice as today was, I can't wait for the week to be over. 

The bad: We've been dealing with some crazy family illnesses this week.  I have an uncle in very serious condition in ICU and both of Jake's grandmothers have been in the hospital (one is out now, one is being released tomorrow).  At dinner tonight Jake got a phone call that his mom was in a head-on car accident and was being taken to the hospital.  We hear that she's going to be released later tonight and that it's likely nothing too serious.  I didn't think one week could have this much drama and intensity.

The plan: We're going home to spend time with our families on Saturday and then coming back for our yearly Easter dinner with friends on Sunday. Next week will be better and I'll hopefully regain some focus!

(images were taken when I visited my siser in NC in early March)

Wanted: NYC Apt

As I've mentioned, I'll be going to NYC for the stationery show in May.  Well, I am looking for an apartment to rent and I was hoping someone out there might be up for a trade, or partial trade...letterpress goods for a small apartment.  We'd like it to be in Manhattan (Chelsea would be great, but we're not too picky!) and we'll be there from May 14-21.  Very willing to trade general stationery, business cards, custom printing, wedding invites, etc.  Please email me at info{at}pistachiopress.com if you have any leads!  Many thanks :)

{all images are from my last trip to nyc in early March)

big life change

Jake got laid off yesterday. So he shaved himself a mohawk. And then our wonderful friends got us some life change/early retirement presents. A Colt 45 for Jake, a case of mountain dew for me, and the saddest cookie cake ever.

My very kind and astute intern just sent me Lemonade, an inspirational short film about being laid off. It pretty much sums up what Jake thinks about his new opportunity.