It finally happened...

We had a bit of sun today! Every time I try to take new photos of recent Pistachio Press projects the clouds come out. Lucky for me, the sun finally peeked out for a few minutes and I got some decent shots.

I've printed this design several times, and I love that the formality can change so much just by changing the color palette!

I'm really happy with how this set turned out. The invitations are three-color and I think the thank you notes are super sweet. I am enamored with cotton paper, such great blind embossing results!

This is one of my favorite designs. The bride sent me photos of the lace on her veil and I drew the pattern in Illustrator. I love how it turned out, especially how the paper is raised in the white parts of the flowers.

After taking these shots I realized that I have several new designs that aren't on my website yet! I never seem to have enough time in the day, but a semi-major website revision is in the works. Marni is going to let me use her fancy light-box set up, so I'm hoping to get some amazing shots of the collection.

Also in the works is the official launch of the card collaboration with Shanna, scheduled to be unveiled on Monday, August 4. We've had a few loose ends to tie up, and I can wait for these to hit our Etsy shops!

tired of the rain

The weather may not be the best this week, but maybe it's good for me. No temptation to garden while I feverishly print and package several invitation packages! I'm trying to finish all of the jobs I have in progress before we leave for Italy {two weeks!} so that I can actually relax and not panic about anything while we're away. I thought this would be easy, but things have a way of creeping up.

I thought I would be able to post pictures of some of my recent printing, but we haven't had any sun! Oh well, soon enough you'll be able to see the new work. Shanna and I are also planning to launch our card collaboration soon. We'll have five brand new designs, for sale individually or as a group.

New work

I'm finally getting around to posting some new work in the shop. I printed this piece for Renegade and never had time to include it in the shop. I'm hoping to post more later this week, too.

I'm also finishing up a new custom wedding design. The bride's bouquet will include lilies and orchids and was the inspiration for the design. Can't wait to post pictures of the printed pieces!

Camping 2008

Camping this year turned out to be a success. We didn't have quite as many people stop by as last year, but it was still a lot of fun. Unfortunately, my sister Lindsay couldn't make it since she's in Budapest for a few weeks - what a hardship for her! - so we're going to try to organize a second trip in September.

Cassie and Pancake in the car on the drive down.

Uncle Joe building a giant tee pee for the big bonfire.
He doesn't mess around!

Bonfire pit with the tents in the background.

The fire burned for quite a while and it was slightly difficult to make s'mores that night!

Pancake loves camping and made herself at home.

Cassie was ready to go home by the last night in camp,
probably just tired of sleeping on the ground!

What is art?

Marni just sent this to me. I had forgotten how funny it is, although it really does seem longer than 7 minutes.