Who the $#%& is Jackson Pollock

As recent appreciators of NetFlix, we watched Who the $#%& is Jackson Pollock a few nights ago with friends. It's a short documentary and well worth the time. In short, the film documents Terri Horton's 15-year struggle to have her $5 Jackson Pollock painting recognized by the art world, which would value the painting at about $50 million.

Terri {above} is a 73 year old former truck driver and reminds me quite a bit of my grandmother {who is also very feisty}. One of the people on Terri's side is forensic scientist Peter Paul Biro, who makes a strong case for the authenticity of the painting. Watching this film made me wonder how I can be part of an art world that is so elitist that it refuses to recognize a painting that belongs to a truck driver even with the backing of forensic evidence. I guess I don't really belong to that market, though, a fact that somehow makes me feel better.

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Lastly, my favorite Terri quote:
“Before I let them {the art world} take advantage of me,” she said, smiling broadly, “I’ll burn that son of a bitch.”

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