I bought an amazing guillotine cutter from Genesee Book Arts on Saturday. It had to be moved up from the basement of the center with a refrigerator dolly and loaded into my friend Sara's van, which took four strong men. Then today Jake, Luke, and I moved it from the van and into the studio. It was a bit harder with only three of us, but we managed to get it in place and I have already trimmed 800 sheets of paper! It's soooo awesome. I'll post pictures soon. In the meantime, our dogs just laid around and loved each other all weekend :) And after seeing the Simpson's movie Jake played "Spider Sue" with Susie.

I also made another treasury this morning. I like making these lists because it helps me find more work to be inspired by, like this great piece from Michele Maule. She has a beautiful color palette and I love the subtle line work in the background.

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