Time to cast your vote

Congrats to Abbey! Her house was chosen as a runner-up in the Domino Decorating Contest. She could win $1000 to make more improvements and all you have to do is cast your vote. I can vouch that her house is unique and beautiful in person and truly reflects her family. Go ahead, vote right now! And tell your friends.


diana said...

I just voted for our printin' pal. Good luck A + P!

erin said...

1. HI RACH. 2. i voted for abbey and phil 3. your collaborative calendar is on the front page of whipup right now!! i just saw it!! they linked to the pistachio etsy!! 4. i did the meme and agree we still do need to work out that trade. most likely, post-holidays. i;m up to my neck in quilts at present. xoxoxoxox