Gesine Hackenbeg

I was going through my recent bookmarks when I came across the beautiful work of Gesine Hackenbeg. I originally saw her work posted on Bloesem {a wonderful blog by Irene Hoofs} and immediately fell in love. I particularly enjoy that she uses old plates to create new pieces of jewelry.

In her own words, Gesine says: "I’m fascinated with this aspect of personal preciousness that I observe in relation to all kinds of belongings. Especially such objects that usually seem to find a place quite close and near to the body. I like exploring the ways in which such a connection to us and our body manifest themselves."

Personal preciousness...what a wonderful way to describe this idea. I have been interested in preciousness in art making for a while now, and it's something I discuss with my students when they start making work.

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Michelle C. Moode said...

this makes me so happy. gosh.

looking forward to seeing you at sgc!