Richmond was great!

Alex just sent me a link to this hilarious piece by Jessica Hagy. It couldn't be more accurate! Check out her website, blog, and newly published book.

I'm officially back form the conference. The highlight was hearing Lesley Dill and Kerry James Marshall lecture about their work...totally inspiring! Now I've got to answer a ton of email and finish planning the rest of the month. Wedding season has certainly arrived.

And I also need to recover from the chocolate milkshakes I had for breakfast every day of the trip...they were delicious. Will try to post more about the trip later.


Michelle C. Moode said...

oh, that Jessica Hagy piece is hilareous! dang..

was good to see you! Leslie Dill rocks!

keep in touch,


Luke said...

You got a followup chocolate milkshake if I recall... AFTER you got back. ;)