Camping 2008

Camping this year turned out to be a success. We didn't have quite as many people stop by as last year, but it was still a lot of fun. Unfortunately, my sister Lindsay couldn't make it since she's in Budapest for a few weeks - what a hardship for her! - so we're going to try to organize a second trip in September.

Cassie and Pancake in the car on the drive down.

Uncle Joe building a giant tee pee for the big bonfire.
He doesn't mess around!

Bonfire pit with the tents in the background.

The fire burned for quite a while and it was slightly difficult to make s'mores that night!

Pancake loves camping and made herself at home.

Cassie was ready to go home by the last night in camp,
probably just tired of sleeping on the ground!


joAnn said...

that bonfire looks amazing! I truly hope that we can make it if you decide to do it again in september.

LindsayMarie said...

Oh my nieces! Such adorable photos! I vote yes for September camping. I hope strawberry or blueberry shortcake will be involved.

Luke said...

Yay, I made it into one of the pictures this year!