we have returned

We're back from vacation and trying to get back into the swing of things! The trip was great. We went to France, Italy, and Germany. The photo above was the view out of our bedroom window in Italy. Santa Margherita was an ideal beach location, small town, perfect location, and beautiful beaches. I had a fruit tart for breakfast every day and tried to have at least one gelato each day, if not two!

The World Rally Championships in Germany were one of the highlights of the whole trip - really, even I liked it. Jake was ecstatic the whole time we were at the races, running around like a six-year-old taking pictures of all of the cars. Our hotel and the final race were in Trier, about a block from an old castle. And I didn't even panic too much when Jake drove on the Autobahn.

The last day of traveling was grueling - up at 7:30am, bus to the airport, long trans-atlantic flight where we watched about three movies and played Mystery Rummy for eight hours. Once we got to NYC we had an eight-hour layover in JFK (not our choice, but Delta changed the itinerary and never told us). So we checked our bags and headed into the city for vegetarian heaven at Red Bamboo. Finally got home and to be around 1:30am! Of course my internal clock was off (and continues to be) so I got up by 7 and we ran errands for much of the morning. I was actually in the studio printing by 2pm, feeling like a crazy woman. When you run your own business you really can't leave for three weeks and not expect things to be chaotic when you return.

So far this week I've printed a 2-color invitation for one couple and a 3-color accordion invitation with two 2-color inserts for another couple. Crazy as it may be, it feels great to be back home!

More photos of the trip to follow!

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karen said...

it doesn't sound crazy at all! it sounds genuine. a wonderful trip and a wonderful homecoming.
welcome back!