super what?

This week I had jury selection, which was quite a bit of sitting in a large holding room with intermittent wi-fi and feeling frustrated that I wasn’t getting any work done. But, I did have time to reflect on a question Jake asked me over the weekend. What super power would I most like to have? We both scoffed at flying - that wouldn’t really help anyone much, would it? My final response was super-speed, which I reasoned would help me multi-task even more than I already do. Maybe then I could make it to the gym and still have time to cook dinner. But now I’m re-thinking my choice. Jake most wanted to be invisible, which might be fun. Maybe the ability to teleport? Then I could go to the beach anytime I wanted. What’s at the top of your super power wish list?

{one of my students showed me the amazing piece above by Blu}

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megan said...

teleportation for sure - i especially wished for it when joe and i were dating long distance - now i wish i had it so i didn't have to commute so far to my teaching job!