I know what you're thinking...

That I've disappeared! Looking back over my posts for the last month, it looks like I haven't been doing much work. Quite the opposite. While I may have taken a hiatus from the blog, I most certainly have been present in life...and busy :) I'm making some good progress on new designs and for the first week in July I taught a pop-up course at the Visual Studies Workshop. I had several grad students in the class and they made some really awesome and incredibly intricate books. Teaching a class like this is always so interesting because everyone intensely puzzles their way through mock-ups and technical glitches, making small adjustments to pull tabs and developing callouses from x-acto knives.

After the pop-up class we packed up the car and headed to our yearly fourth of July camping trip. There were many friends, lots of dogs, and a giant bonfire. I'll post some pictures later this week. In the meantime, Jim posted a great summary of the trip!

And this past weekend Jake and I went back to our hometown for a wedding (my best friend's sister was getting married). The rain stopped just in time for the ceremony and the reception was held on the shore of a nearby lake. It was so nice to visit with people that I've known for more than half my life and who feel like family. We ate and danced as the sun set. It was beautiful and Sarah and Rob looked so happy.

So, hello to a new week, which will be mixed with productive days of printing and a few lazy days visiting with Jake's family at a cottage near Ithaca.