Salt City - this weekend!

Seriously, it's Thursday? And it's almost the end of October? That's crazy! I almost forgot to tell you that I'll be participating in the Salt City Urban Art and Craft Market this weekend in Syracuse. I'm really looking forward to it, and hoping to pick up some awesome holiday presents :) I hope some of you can stop by and say hi.

Things have been pretty good this week. Printing is going great and I really think I'm going to be able to bring the calendars with me to the Salt City Market. The bug situation is close to being resolved. On Monday Jim cleaned up almost 200 of them, but I think this was their last stand. There are much fewer today and the exterminator is coming with a new product this afternoon. And, our awesome carpenter is almost finished repairing out dining room ceiling (which was damaged by a broken overflow valve in our upstairs bathtub). It looks amazing and he even repaired a few things we were never going to have time for - like when you get 90% finished with a project and then it stays exactly the same way for three years.