Breathing again

Thanks for dealing with my post yesterday. Although I was still grumpy for a good part of the day and although I still think everything is hard, I finished the day so much better than the last. I made some headway on a few really big projects, got almost all of my inbox cleared out, and I will likely be in bed before 5am. My studio mates showed up at the studio today while I was there and, as usual, helped to cheer me up. I'm lucky to have such great friends. I also realized that it's been cold and rainy and that when summer ends I often get into a funk. So, I am going to make the best of the changing seasons and turn my mood around.

Things I am looking forward to:
*The start of Survivor Night, where we bank episodes of Survivor and watch with friends over pizza every few weeks.
*A very long walk through crunchy leaves with my pups.
*Stripping old wallpaper and painting our hallway and guest room an awesome shade of gray.
*Launching the 2011 calendar. The design is complete and the plates will be here soon.
*Meeting up with a fantastic group of stationers to go apple picking and chat about non-work things.
*Cheering for Jake at his second cyclocross this weekend.
*Learning more about Youngna Park, who made these great photos of sunlit balloons and winter flags.

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Nicki said...

Glad to hear things are looking up a bit. I agree that this time of year can really get to us! I often feel down-right miserable right about now and it is the time of the semester where things get overwhelming. It's awesome you have so much to look forward to! Love the balloons!!!!!