Christmas tree picking

A few weeks ago we picked out Christmas trees with our friends Sara and Ben. It's become tradition for us to eat breakfast together the first weekend in December and then hunt for the perfect tree at Powers. Sara and Ben always go for the long-needles big round trees, but Jake and I almost always end up with a fraser fir, which is able to hold all of our heavy ornaments. And the best part of Powers is the animals runing around. This year we got to pet a baby goat while the snow fell!


Steve said...

The goats are so cute! Looks like a great place for a tree, we'll be heading out on Wednesday for ours! Happy Holidays

Nicki said...

Can't you just take a goat home instead of the tree? It would make the Holiday Clean-up so much easier!! Our tree is a freakin beast this year and getting it in the living room made things so Christmasey as Chris and I yelled obscenities at eachother. Ahhh..the magical holidays! Merry Christmas!!

abigail said...

lovely tradition. I'm going to see if I can rope our friends into starting a similar one next year.

hope you had a wonderful holiday!