Calendar Roundup

The start of the New Year brings about one of my favorite activities – hanging the calendar wall in my home office. For the past three years I have purchased, traded for, and been given an entire wall of calendars. And every month I’m excited to flip the page and reveal new artwork. This year I thought it would be nice to show you the beauties I have hanging – some of which are still for sale!

1. Oddball Press 
2. 42 Pressed 
3. Paisley Tree Press 
4. Carving My Initials & Pistachio Press
5. Ink + Wit 
6. Pistachio Press
7. Linda & Harriett 
8. Seesaw Letterpress 
9. May Day Studio
10. Albertine Press 
11. Laura Macchia 
12. Lori Hutchinson 
13. Genesee Printing & Book Arts Center 


seesaw said...

thanks for including us.

Tara Hogan, INK+WIT said...

awh, thanks Rachael : ) miss you