NSS 2011 opens Sunday!

Jake and I have been functioning on very limited sleep these past few weeks as we prep for the stationery show and it opens Sunday! We're in booth no. 1664 and are just about all set up. We have a few more finishing touches to make tomorrow and then it's go time! I'll try to keep you posted. If you're attending the show, we'd love to see you. Stop by and say hi!

Also, we're participating in a recipe card exchange (kind of like a booth scavenger hunt) with 14 other letterpress companies. The exchange was organized by my good friend Amber of Flywheel Press and sponsored by Legion Paper. I LOVE everything about it and I can't wait to pick up the other cards!

ps-I won't be at the show on Sunday, but Jake will be there along with one of my fantastic former interns! I'll be at our University graduation saying goodbye to our senior art majors.


Nicki said...

How did your show go? I hope it all went well! Sorry I couldn't make the graduation! This weekend was nucking futs!

Kim Dale said...

I loved the Show!!! The recipe cards were great, and I totally mistook your intern for you! But lovely booth keep up the good work!