Camping 2011

We just returned from our yearly camping trip with friends on my family's land. Had a great time, but it was sadly overcast and rainy the entire time. Today, of course, is beautifully sunny and we're spending it in the studio printing. At least our windows are big!

You may notice the sweet couch set up at the pond in the middle picture. Our camping trips are more plush every year.


Nicki said...

Looks wonderful...except for the tent. I am not a tent person. =) I still have your gift to give you! We have to get together!

Rachael, Pistachio Press said...

Yes, we have to get together soon! I still have your books at school, too. Maybe dinner in the next few weeks?

Nicki said...

Sounds good! You can email me when things are calm on your end since you are busier than I right now!