GIVEAWAY:::Tradshow Bootcamp

I am super excited that Katie has asked me to speak at Tradeshow Bootcamp this fall. Even better, I have a space to giveaway for the Booth Logistics workshop!! All of your burning questions about how to set up your space, deal with union labor, shipping and more will be answered. 

Amber Ellis Seguine (FlyWheel Press), Katie Hunt (Kelp Designs) and yours truly will share our experiences designing, setting-up and pre-planning booth logistics for the National Stationery Show and New York International Gift Show.  Topics will include:
·          Pros + cons of sharing a booth
·          Setting a budget for the booth
·          Shipping + schlepping
·          Booth furnishings + vendor services
·          Q&A

To enter the giveaway for a chance to win a seat in the workshop just leave a comment on this post with your most burning question about booth set-up. I'll announce the winner on Monday, September 19th. Even if you've already signed up for the Bootcamp you can still enter the giveaway (if you win your fee for the workshop will be refunded)!

Click here for a complete schedule of the workshops.


Julie Karatzis said...

Thanks for hosting ladies! My question: How the hell am I going to ship all that stuff from Cali??? :)

julie (at) cartoulespress (dot) com

anitsirk design & letterpress said...

what an awesome opportunity! my question is: Manning your many people do you bring with? And who do you bring with, if you're a one woman operation? Interested in hearing success...and horror stories! :)

Maggie at Gamewell Press said...

Wow, this is great. I'm very intimidated by having to build a booth when I'm not the handiest person. I'd love tips on that.

Helen said...

I'd love any advice on making walls! I shipped my own last time and it was super duper hard work ; )

Andrea said...

Tradeshow Bootcamp is already a great idea & opportunity, but a giveaway, too?! Yay! My question is "how do I know what to exhibit, i.e. what are buyers looking for?"