Grand Opening: Nov 4 & 5

We have been working like crazy to prepare for the grand opening of our new studio and retail space! If you're free (and in town) November 4 & 5, please stop by. We'll be hosting demos and you'll be able to pull your own print and take it home with you! For more details, click here.

***spread the word***


Nicki said...

It's in my date book! Yay! Congrats!!'s captcha is "undimpli" as in, "as I lose weight, my butt gets more undimpli."

Rachael, Pistachio Press said...

hahaha, Nicki, you crack me up :) Can't wait to see you. We need to get lunch soon!!

A Beautiful Party said...

looks awesome! good luck! I'll be there in spirit admiring all the letterpress goodness. ( :