Camping 2011

We just returned from our yearly camping trip with friends on my family's land. Had a great time, but it was sadly overcast and rainy the entire time. Today, of course, is beautifully sunny and we're spending it in the studio printing. At least our windows are big!

You may notice the sweet couch set up at the pond in the middle picture. Our camping trips are more plush every year.

Two new collection

Yes! I'm excited to officially launch two new collections. Our Mid-Century Modern designs are now available as cards and we teamed up with Abbey from Aesthetic Outburst on an entire collection of cross-stitch-inspired stationery. Both collections are also available as notebooks, which you've probably seen already.

To celebrate the new collection and the fourth birthday of Pistachio Press (yep, it's been 4 whole years already) we're offering a 15% discount for all orders placed during the month of June. Just enter code "summer11" during checkout.

On Monday

It's taken quite a while, but I'm almost done editing photos from all of our new products. There will be a shop update on Monday!! I know, I know...Finally

We'll be introducing close to 40 new products. And I'll be sending out a newsletter, which has been a long time coming. If you haven't yet signed up, here's the form if you want to be added to our mailing list. I don't often send newsletters (a few times a year) but they almost always have promo codes when I do :)

The studio is hot

And I mean CRAZY hot. Like over 100. Last week we bought an AC unit, but it didn't have enough power to cool the room even one-degree. I guess that's what 15' ceilings will do! So, now we have to get a 220v outlet installed and a massive 25000btu air conditioner. We've been bringing the dogs to the studio (not in this heat, though) and most days they just lay around. Wish we could, too :)