It's Monday, again

We had a really wonderful Easter potluck with friends yesterday. I think it might have been our fifth or sixth year doing this and I still love it. These planned meals are some of the only times I slow down and visit. I'm grateful we did yesterday. And the puppies were exhausted last night from sitting on laps and begging for food.

I'm not sure why I haven't been writing in this space. Part of me feels like it's becoming unnecessary with Facebook and Twitter and Instagram. I'm a little overwhelmed keeping up with all of these and I'm almost always too busy to sit down and read blogs, even the ones I love. Maybe that's just me.  I think I need a little time to figure out why I'm still drawn to blogging. And I think it might be helpful if I have a schedule for doing it - like weekly features. All of this rambling is mainly to say thanks for continuing to check in here and that I hope you had a beautiful and relaxing weekend.

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