The growing season

I've been meaning to post some images from my mom's new greenhouse. She and my stepfather built this last fall and their plants are thriving now. They have a huge mix of vegetables {in the raised beds} and flowers {mostly annuals and gorgeous hanging baskets}. I love being inside and looking at all of the plants. I keep thinking that if I had a greenhouse, I'd finally have the perpetually-blooming garden I've been trying to grow! Mom said that they've planted even more in the outside beds since the last time I was home.

Some of the many varieties of leafy greens.

Here's my mom {and Scout} showing off some of the baskets.

Two of my favorite baskets, which also happened to be my grandma's favorites! She ended up with the purple one {right} and I got the blue basket {left}.

Annuals, including cone flowers, gerbera daisies, marigolds, and begonias.

A few hanging baskets and some broccoli in the background.

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