Playing catch-up

Well, this weekend was a busy one! Friday night we took Cassie to the annual Lilac Festival and had a great time eating fried dough and walking through hundreds of lilac bushes. The festival even had vendors selling a lilac perfume that smells just like the blooms. I really wanted to buy some, but I never wear perfume and spraying it through the house seems like overkill.

On Saturday morning we headed over to the Fabrics and Findings auction. This was only my second real auction, and we were up against some seasoned veterans! Our energetic auctioneer was John Reynolds {above}. I ended up buying some more fabric swatches, a shadow box and a pretty nice mahogany dresser {for only $10}. Myra was able to hold her own and walked away with some amazing fabric. She also pointed me in the direction of a great sewing blog by Erica Bunker, which will hopefully inspire some new summer clothing.

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