It's begun...

It's definitely wedding season, or at least wedding invitation season. I'm working on quite a few weddings right now and seem to get daily inquiries! This is really exciting and gives me a chance to work on several different projects at once, which is generally the way I work.

It's also exciting because I have teamed up with designer Tara Hogan for a few of these weddings {you may remember our calendar collaboration}. Over the weekend I printed the above design {created by Tara} and mixed the exact shade of Raspberry Pudding ink the bride requested {from a Behr paint chip}. I love how they turned out!

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Jill said...

Hi Rachel,
I'm doing a post on my blog tomorrow about my favorite etsy letterpress shops. Would you mind if I included a photo of some of your things from your etsy site? I will put in a link to your etsy shop, your website, and your blog as well if that's okay. Just let me know. I'm loving the calendar I bought from you!