Book overload

The Book Arts Fair this weekend was awesome. I bought a book from Sara Langworthy that I have wanted since the last conference, two years ago! It's beautiful and will fit in perfectly with my newly remodeled office. The image above is one of her books, but not the one I purchased. I am glad to be home, though. The fair was incredible, but looking at books for two days was a bit of a visual overload! I have a ton of ideas for new work, but no time to make it. I hope to have a bit more time over the winter to tuck in and make some new pieces.

And in honor of all of the wonderful books I saw this weekend, here's a tunnel book from the Pop-up class that I taught over the summer. The woman who made it meticulously painted and cut out each page and then hinged movable pieces to the pages.

Don't forget to sign up for the Holiday Ornament Swap, today is the last day! I received many beautiful ornaments last year and I'm looking forward to participating again.

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