New addition!

On Halloween a sparkling Vandercook SP-15 was delivered to my studio! It's an awesome feeling to have a press pull up in a pickup truck and be loaded onto a freight elevator within 10 minutes of arrival. I call this good press karma, buying the right press from the right person makes the move much easier!

I didn't want to jinx anything by talking about it too soon, but this is a gorgeous press (repainted, re-wired motor, new belt, pristine bed, shiny grippers) and I can barely hear it when it's running. I am only the third owner and the previous owner took excellent care of it. I know this press will have much love and use over the years to come - my working space is now complete!

I'm also very excited today because I was able to vote for a candidate I believe in, for a person who will inspire America, and for a person I truly respect. Go vote!

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