This will be the kitchen in my cottage

I've been obsessed lately with owning a cottage. Just a small one, like my grandparents used to have. One that I can track wet feet into and not feel bad. One where we sleep with the windows open during the summer because we don't have air conditioning. One that sits on a tiny lake next to a sweet old couple and a younger couple who play euchre with us. One that I can decorate with all of the chairs I have in the attic. Once that the dogs can lay in the sun in front of the screen door. One that has a fire pit near the dock. One that we can invite our friends to just because we feel like a good pot luck dinner.

{image from Oh So Beautiful Paper and AT}


megan said...

sounds lovely - can i come visit? ;-)

sarah ahearn bellemare said...

hi rachel!
i've saved this image in my "someday i want my house to look like this" file too! (love the door!)
i just came across you on etsy! great video!
hope all is going well in ny. i miss ithaca, but am happy to be in northampton, ma. i've actually started letterpressing again through a little shop here and i'm having a lot of fun with it.
i hope spring has found you... we're almost there...
more soon xo, *s

Luke said...

love it