while I work

A few months ago Jake helped me rearrange my office. We were able to fit a cushioned chair into a corner by the window, which I thought I might use when I took a break - ha! Turns out that Susie prefers to use it while I work, so that she can keep an eye on me. And it turns out that Cassie couldn't care less about what I do during the day as long as she has a pillow.

This week has been a good one so far. I've managed to make it to the gym twice in the last week, making decent use of my membership fee (so long $90 yoga class). I've eaten lots of salad today and peaches seem particularly sweet and juicy right now. I've printed a few sets of invitations and I started to rearrange my studio. And tonight I even got to go see the weekly schlock-night movie with Jake. It's been nice to hang out with him these past few nights, since we hardly ever seem to find time to just be together.