catalog in the works

It's been a little quiet here lately because I've been swamped with a good way :) Deciding to exhibit at the Stationery Show means that I need a new wholesale catalog, which means that I've been staying up til 3 or 4am every night to work on it while trying to balance my wedding printing, retail orders and teaching.  Well, I think I'm done with it for now.  It's really the little details that were taking up so much time, but they're so worth it in the end.  If I do say, I'm quite pleased with the new catalog.  Now I just have to decide whether to outsource the printing (and save myself some time) or buy a color laser printer and print them myself. The grouping of images above might be one of the pages I use in the catalog.


Tokketok said...

Looking great! Lovely!

Lindsay said...

I'd still like a sister at the end of all this, so for your sanity please outsource the printing. :)