It's almost game time

I'm feeling simultaneously productive and overwhelmed. I'm excited to be getting so close to the Stationery Show and starting to feel nervous. My promo cards went out last week, as did the wedding shown above. I'm still working on my wedding album and almost all of the new designs have been printed for it. The main thing I'm disappointed about is that I won't be able to finish the designs for the 2011 calendar in time for the show. I started them and it just wasn't working out. Instead of rushing and making bad decisions, I decided to leave it alone until after the show. It was such a relief to make this decision, and one that was easier to make since a friend who has done the show before told me that I won't be able to get everything done that I had planned - that's just the way it goes!

ps-I'm going to try to post studio pics all week as I get ready for the show, next week for set up and hopefully a few shots during the show!


Elaine said...

Your promo cards look great. Good luck at the show!

marc said...

did you send me one of those cards? i usually have a whole slew of cards already, but none have showed up. boo.

can't wait to see you next week!