one week to go

In the past three days there has been lots of color mixing, paper trimming, catalog proofing, line sheet writing, printing, printing, scoring, folding, printing. I've also been working on some really amazing new wedding collections. I'm not ready to show them here quite yet, but the reply card above is a little sneak peek.

One of the best things about exhibiting at the stationery show this year is that it has forced me to really step up my game. I had put off some important things (like a custom wedding album) over the pat year due to time limitations, but a deadline really does light a fire sometimes. Although I'm not getting everything done that I had wanted to, I feel like I've accommplished so much in the past few months. Totally feeling energized today!


Jacqueline Bos said...

congrats! This is such a huge thing, you've done so much lately I'm sure it's going to be amazing!

Miho said...

Stunning work. The clean lines and subtle colour shades are beautiful.