Yesterday the sky was perfect. The weather here has started to change and it feels like fall is coming, quicker than I thought it would. And fall has a way of bringing crisp blue sky broken up by giant clouds. Not the kind that cover everything in gray. The kind that seem to stretch for miles without blocking the sun. It was a beautiful day to print.

I hope you have perfect sky this weekend. See you on Monday.


Elizabeth said...

I am a native Rochestarian living in NYC, and this makes me homesick!

I know that "fall is coming" smell in the air and miss those crisp clear days :)

Rachael, Pistachio Press said...

Elizabeth, you're so right about the smell of fall up here. That is one of my favorite smells, too - so clean! Hope you have a chance to come back to Rochester and visit in the next few months - maybe when the leaves start changing :)