A day off

This weekend marked Jake's 30th birthday. It was pretty low key, but it also meant that it was one of my first days off in what feels like a long time. It's weird, when you own your own business, you work every day. It may not be the entire day, but work is certainly never far from my mind (like when I was glued to my laptop working on a deadline even though we were at a cottage on a beautiful lake). Even on the weekends, it's impossible for me not to check my email and then likely that I will get sucked into a long response or remember that I need to finish a proof for a client. Well, Saturday I made it a point to not do most of these things and just spent the day at the market, going to dinner, and then staying up late talking with friends we barely get to see. It was such a nice night.

We've also been making an effort to cook more. Before Jake got laid off I had been making a bad habit of eating out a lot. Way too much. It was easier and it was less stressful and it meant I could just veg out and not think about anything. Which is so sad because I love to cook. So now that Jake is around during normal dinner hours, we have started making meals together. It's amazing that cooking together can be so satisfying. Even the easy meals come together so much quicker. The pics in this post are from some of our recent meals...yogurt parfaits with fresh berries and peaches...sweet yellow tomoatoes waiting to become roasted tomato soup...summer salad with beets and clementines.

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