New projects

A week off was just what we needed. I feel like a totally different person. Even though we have another big to-do list, I still felt great coming back to the studio today. I didn't take many pictures this trip - Jake's family did a lot of that and will hopefully send some along so I can post a few.

I've been waiting to post some photos of recent work but I still have to photograph a lot of it. For now, here's a teaser. Two-color hand-cut folders, three-color invitations, and a really fun new design. More to follow shortly!


Anonymous said...

love the quilter's ruler, i have and use the same one.

Anonymous said...

love the uncolored textured press design. dumb question: when a client wants a design like that, with no color design plus a splash of another, is that considered a two color page or one?

Rachael, Pistachio Press said...

Hi there! Not a dumb question at all :) The blind impression is considered a color for purposes of pricing. It has to be printed on it's own separate run through the press. So, this piece shown is two-color.