second storie} indie market

I'm thrilled to be a part of Rochester's upcoming indie craft fair {like Renegade or Art Star}. second storie will be held at the Visual Studies Workshop on September 7 from 6-10 pm and September 8 from 10-6 pm. We're lucky to coincide with the Clothesline Festival {right across the street!}. Below are images from some other second storie participants.

Megan Auman
uses floral patterns {a kindred spirit} and wire to create amazing sculptures.

Colette Watts Quaglia makes paintings and drawings based on nature and pattern. I'm lucky to have one of her small drawings hanging in my living room.

Dulcie Miller is a ceramic artist who also co-owns Crocus Clay Works {a ceramic studio in the Hugerford Building}.

Marlene Heuer, a Rochester illustrator, will also be there!

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Walnut said...

i'm from rochester too! where is the show???