Mary O'Malley

Great work by Mary O'Malley found via Design Sponge. I don't frequently read Design Sponge even though I always enjoy it, so today was particularly rewarding.

Today was the official start to my semester. I have some very excited students for my Bookmaking class. They were engaged and talkative at 8:30 in the morning, which I take to be a very good sign. I always dread the first day of school just a little bit, not from nervousness about teaching, but because I'm afraid of getting the class from hell. I don't want the students who can't keep their eyes open and who look at me like I'm crazy for suggesting that books don't necessarily need to be bound. But these students acted like they couldn't wait to start making books and even nodded when I talk about how important their craftsmanship and content would be for each assignment. Now I'm the excited one! I hope that I have some great projects to post about over the coming semester.

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