Wishing I was still at the beach!

Here are some of the beach photos I promised. Don't we look like we had a good time :) The day that Lindsay and Jake went swimming was also the rainy day, and they claim the water was much warmer than the air! I think Jake might still have sand in his ears, though.

To contrast the beautiful house we stayed at last week, here is a picture of the "campground" Jake and I stayed at a few years ago. We thought that camping on the beach would be fun and most state parks I've been to have been great. This is not the case in Delaware {picture a tiny tent blowing away while you sleep during a thunderstorm amidst the swarm of RVs}!

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Anonymous said...

Rach and Jake - Looks like you guys had a fantastic time in Deleware! I know school is back in session, but I'm hoping we can get together soon. I miss you guys!
Love, Kathy