Ahoy Matey!

I can't believe I haven't written in a week. So much has been going on! My poor little Pancake Sue somehow fractured one of her toes this weekend and now has to wear a splint. For 6-8 weeks! We're going to call her Peg-leg Sue from now on in honor of the stump she now has for a leg. I feel so bad for her, but she seems to be getting along just fine. As long as Cassie stops trying to eat it I think we'll be ok.

In the rest of the last week...Jake's mom came up for a visit and brought us some beautiful antique furniture for our dining room {hope to post pictures soon}. She also bought me some plants for the garden and helped with weeding, which has fallen to the wayside.

Jen and Jim were married this weekend and we had a great time! There should be plenty of pictures of Jake dancing {or trying to do the lawnmower} in their wedding album. The ceremony was really beautiful and seemed to fit them perfectly.

On Sunday Jake put my letterpress back together. Now I just need to have one part fixed and the motor can be attached. I'm so happy to finally have that giant heap of metal put back together and close to working! And rounding out my blogging hiatus, yesterday Lindsay and I printed our little butts off for Second Storie {and on the holiday reserved specifically for no labor}! The cards look amazing and I'm so excited for this rapidly approaching weekend. I hope to see you all at Second Storie!

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Nicki said...

Okay, so I am reading this post about 4 years late but I was drawn to the pic of it underneath your most recent post. It made me laugh! Chloe ripped a toenail off last year and had to wear a splint like that too and I couldn't help but laugh at her pirate leg myself! She looked so naked when it was removed too! Dogs are so darn cute!