In one week...

{I love Robert Sabuda's pop-ups!}

I'll be teaching Intro to Pop-up Books at VSW from June 30-July 4. I'm putting together my lesson plans and I'm getting really excited about the class. I've had students make some incredible pop-up books, so I can't wait to see what this class makes. If pop-ups aren't your thing, check out some of the other amazing classes being offered. I would love to take Glass Photographs: The Art of Wet-Plate Collodion by Jenn Libby. Get Out There: Post-MFA Survival Training by Myra Greene looks like it will be a great class for those wishing to hone their professional development skills.


joAnn said...

how intriguing and challenging! i have always been fascinated with pop-ups but found them very daunting. perhaps i should be taking your class!
see you tonight, i hope.

marlene heuer said...

hi rachel!
life is starting to slow down a little bit for me, so if you want to talk about collaborative prints any time soon, let me know!